resources-box-3-middlesectionThe NKCF has developed a variety of programs to provide support and information to those with keratoconus and their families:


KCBooklets What is Keratoconus? A Reference Guide for Patients and their Families” is a 24 page booklet explaining keratoconus in easy to understand language.
PKBooklets Corneal Transplant Surgery: A Reference Guide for Patients and their Families” offers a comprehensive overview of transplant surgery to help the individual better understand the surgery and what to expect both pre and post operatively.

Both booklets, in English and Spanish, are available to patients and eye care providers.

Booklet for Patients


KC-Link is a worldwide interactive forum for people with keratoconus. It is a free e-mail based mail list for both keratoconus patients and eye care providers. The KC-link offers those with keratoconus a unique opportunity to share their “KC” experiences and concerns with others who can truly understand the frustrations of this condition. For more information go to: KC-LINK


Toll Free Information “Warmline” (800-521-2524)  A place where patients and family members can call to ask questions about their keratoconus and receive information, referrals and support.


The NKCF offers a list of eye care providers who have a special expertise in treating keratoconus.

  • The Ophthalmologists who participate are Board Certified in Ophthalmology and Fellowship trained in Cornea and External Eye Diseases.
  • The Optometrists are primarily Diplomats of the Cornea and Contact Lens Division of the American Academy of Optometrists (AAO).
  • Contact Lens Fitters are Fellows of the Contact Lens Society of America.

To request a referral, contact us at: KC Referral Request All our referrals are grouped by state, so tell us what state you live in.