Keratoconus Survey

survey 4For this study, we are asking participants to anonymously complete a questionnaire about the sources of information they rely upon, recommendations they have received from eye care providers, effects of keratoconus on their lifestyles, and some background questions. All information gathered in the study will be collected anonymously, meaning that no names, email addresses, or other personal identifiers will be collected or associated with responses. No one will have the ability to determine the identities of survey respondents. Some or all of the data may be used for analysis and/or publication in aggregate form. No one other than the researchers will have access to raw data.

While there are no direct benefits of participating in this study, the cumulative results will help us gain a better understanding of factors that contribute to most effectively provide patient education to individuals with keratoconus.


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This survey is being conducted by Dr. Elio Spinello, Dr. Bezalel Schendowich, and the National Keratoconus Foundation. The research will add to the limited literature we have about how keratoconus patients are affected by the condition, as well as how they interact with their eye care providers and acquire health information. We are hopeful that this information will be of assistance to eye care providers and researchers.