NKCF Film Festival Winners

Please enjoy the winners of our first annual film festival!

Grand Prize

About this film: “This video provides a very brief look into my experience with keratoconus – a condition that progressed so slowly, my whole life was essentially out of focus before I realized what was wrong. The time leading to my diagnosis was incredibly difficult and frustrating. Untreated, KC altered who I was and how I interacted with my world. I’m still unlearning and unpacking parts of the experience, but I’ve grown significantly. It’s surprising that a condition so few know about can have such a marked impact on someone’s life. I appreciate NKCF’s invitation to share this story and hope the video increases awareness, so others feel informed and encouraged to be more proactive in seeking help.” – Rachel

First Runner Up

About this film: “I’d like to dedicate this video to all the people around the world, to give them, not only faith and hope, but to have the courage in believing that anything is possible, when you leave no stone unturned in pursuit to achieve your dream!” – Lucas


Second Runner Up

About this film: “Keratoconus has changed my life, I believe having a life changing condition can make you more determined to get out and do!” – Ash


Award of Special Recognition

About this film: “This film reveals the different experiences a brother and sister face while living with keractoconus. Our goal is to highlight awareness for developmentally disabled persons living with keractoconus.” – Seneca


Award of Distinction by the International Keratoconus Academy

About this film: Eve and Aly Six narrate the fight and struggles their mom went through fighting to keep Keratoconus from robbing her sight over the last decade.