KeraSoft IC

A comfortable, soft contact lens alternative

KeraSoft® IC is a soft contact lens specifically designed to fit irregular corneas – one you can wear comfortably. While GP lenses are often used for this condition, some patients may experience limited wear time, glare and discomfort after only a few hours. KeraSoft® IC is made of silicone hydrogel* for added comfort, and can be fully customized to fit the shape of keratoconic and post surgical corneas.

Bausch-Lomb-new-logoKeraSoft® IC is provided by Bausch & Lomb, a worldwide leader in vision care.

KeraSoft® IC uses a patented design to “drape” over the cornea rather than using thickness of material to “mask” the irregularity. Its innovative design uses the latest technologies to create a soft contact lens that fits many unusually shaped corneas, (including keratoconus, PMD, post-refractive and INTACS) – one that provides a comfortable option…for you.

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*Definitive material