NovaKone Soft Lens

 A custom soft lens for keratoconus

Custom soft lenses for keratoconus offer a new approach to keratoconus vision correction.  Alden Optical’s new NovaKone™ lens offers a high level of comfort and excellent vision. While NovaKone lenses can be a viable solution for all stages of keratoconus (KC) and pellucid marginal degeneration (PMD), they’re especially effective for patients with more advanced conditions and for those who have failed to tolerate other lenses.

NovaKone offers extraordinary comfort and can be an excellent adjunct to other forms of correction.

Practice Locator 

KC patients seek out knowledgeable practitioners and sometimes travel long distances to see them. Alden Optical has created a mapping tool to guide keratoconus patients in locating practices fitting the NovaKone lens.

NovaKone fitting practices are listed on an intuitive Google Maps-like map interface. To find a fitter near you, zoom into your geographic region to see practices actively fitting the NovaKone lens.

To find an Eye Care Practitioner fitting NovaKone near you, just click here.