The National Keratoconus Institute is Establishing “Centers of Excellence”

The National Keratoconus Institute (NKCI) recently opened its first of numerous “centers of excellence” in keratoconus care in the Chicago area. The NKCI’s mission is to provide access to the most advanced care (diagnostic, optical, medical and surgical) to patients with keratoconus, corneal ectasia and other forms of corneal irregularity throughout the United States. It also is committed to providing comprehensive education to eye care practitioners regarding the management of patients with these diseases. In addition, NKCI is dedicated to ongoing research and development with the goal of improving the care provided for patients with keratoconus and associated diseases.

NKCI has established a national advisory panel consisting of highly respected experts in both optometry and ophthalmology to guide them in achieving these stated goals. In addition, NKCI is developing collaborative relationships with academic institutions and support groups that have similar interests and missions.

According to Dr. S. Barry Eiden, President and Medical Director of NKCI, “our goal is to significantly impact the quality of care that patients with keratoconus and related diseases receive throughout the United States. By providing consultative services in cooperation with eye care practitioners in the areas surrounding our centers of excellence we can provide patient access to the most advanced technologies available in keratoconus diagnosis and treatment.”

“Our priority is to make the earliest diagnosis of keratoconus possible and then utilize new treatment modalities that can halt the progression of the disease which often results in significant vision loss.” Dr. Eiden stated. “For those who have already suffered advanced vision loss from keratoconus we will provide the most advanced treatments to maximize their visual outcome”.

NKCI’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Michael Major further stated “Our commitment to ongoing clinical research will allow NKCI to contribute to expanded knowledge and understanding about keratoconus. We also are dedicated to working closely with patient support organizations such as the National Keratoconus Foundation (NKCF) to provide information and care assistance to those who suffer from the disease.”

The National Keratoconus Institute plans on establishing multiple sites for their centers of excellence over the coming years. “By the end of 2013 we expect to have 4 to 6 of our centers operational and ultimately we expect that number to increase dramatically in locations strategically located throughout the country.” Mr. Major said.

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June 2013