NKCF Resources

The NKCF has developed a variety of programs to provide support and information to those with keratoconus and their families


The NKCF offers a list of eye care providers who have a special expertise in treating keratoconus. All professionals invited to participate currently have a substantial number of keratoconus patients in their practices: Keratoconus Referrals for Patients.

We provide, free of charge, a list of ophthalmologists, optometrists and contact lens fitters practicing in the patient’s home state. If you would like to be included in the keratoconus referral service, please submit your information here to be considered: Keratoconus Referral Service.

List of CXL practitioners

courtesy of Avedro.

The list is continuously growing, here’s an easy way to keep up. Go now!

Reimbursement appeals help to introduce and explain the condition of keratoconus to insurance companies, help clarify the treatments necessary that may not always be covered by insurance companies, and help attain a reimbursement for KC patients for treatment costs. Download here.

NKCF sends out digital bi-monthly updates all related to the world of keratoconus, including updates on breakthrough research, news and events, and patient profiles. Don’t miss out! Subscribe today!

KC-Link is a worldwide interactive forum for people with keratoconus. It is a free e-mail based mail list for both keratoconus patients and eye care providers. The KC-link offers those with keratoconus a unique opportunity to share their “KC” experiences and concerns with others who can truly understand the frustrations of this condition. For more information go to: KC-LINK

NKCF Warmline

Toll Free Information “Warmline” (800-521-2524) A place where patients and family members can call to ask questions about their keratoconus and receive information, referrals and support.