Other Ways To Give

Here’s Other Ways You Can Help

The National Keratoconus Foundation is a program of the Discovery Eye Foundation(DEF). The Discovery Eye Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and we depend on support from foundations, corporations, government sources and individuals like you.

If you need more information on charitable donations, or have any questions at all, please call (310) 623-4466 or email: [email protected]


Tributes And Memorials

  • In Memory Of – Making a memorial gift is a meaningful way to honor the memory of a loved one. An acknowledgement of your gift is sent to the family of the person memorialized.
  • In Honor Of – Honor someone who is special to you personally or in your business. The honoree will receive notification of your special gift to NKCF through DEF.
  • In Celebration Of – The perfect way to celebrate a milestone event, a birthday, a marriage or a holiday, while helping the thousands of people affected by eye disease.

Stock And Securities

A new report shows that American donors could realize $4.5 billion in additional tax savings if they gave appreciated securities instead of cash, but most are not aware of the tax advantages. Making a donaton of stock or securities is a great way to support NKCF through DEF. Just use the Discovery Eye Foundation Transfer Form.

As you consider an alternate to cash donations, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Gifts of stock, mutual funds and certain other securities that provide little income can provide tax savings with minimal effect on household income.
  • Securities that you have owned for more than one year that have increased in value, entitle you to an income tax charitable donation for the full value – not just the original cost – and you avoid capital gains tax. Gifts of appreciated stock are limited to 30% of your AGI, but excess donations can be carried forward for five years.
  • Still thinking of a cash donation because you have stocks that have increased in value, but you think there is more potential for growth? You can still make a gift of the stock at its full value and bypass tax on the increase. Then use the cash you would have given to repurchase securities, allowing you to have the same amount invested in the stock as before, but establishing a higher cost basis. If the securities do increase in value you have reduced your tax basis and if they should decrease in value, you have a capital loss to reduce your income tax. In all cases it is best to consult your financial advisor, as your needs may be affected by other financial considerations. However, as you plan your donation to NKCF through Discovery Eye Foundation, speak to your advisor on how to maximize the benefits of your donation.

Car Donation

Donate your car, boat, truck, RV jet ski, or snowmobile Discovery Eye Foundation and receive a tax deduction.

This no cost, no hassle process begins when you contact our fundraising partner, Donation Line, LLC at 877-227-7487. Make sure to ask for us by name or our extension #2864. You can also click here.

Car donation FAQ

Matching Gifts

Many employers match their employees’ gifts, with some employers even double or triple your contribution. Ask your employer for your company’s matching gift form and submit it to NKCF through DEF. This is a great way to maximize your gift!

Gift Planning

Including the NKCF through the Discovery eye Foundation in your estate plan links you powerfully and permanently to the future treatments and cures for eye disease.

Click for Frequently Asked Questions on Including NKCF through DEF in an Estate Plan

For further information please contact Susan Lee DeRemer, VP of Development, 310-623-4499 or [email protected].


A variety of sponsorship opportunities are available with the NKCF through the Discovery Eye Foundation, including educational events, research projects, naming opportunities and fundraising events. For further information please contact Susan Lee DeRemer, VP of Development, 310-623-4499 or[email protected].

Corporate/Foundation Partnership

Grants and contributions from corporations, private foundations, family funds and community foundations are important sources of support for NKCF through the Discovery Eye Foundation (DEF). To learn more about the ways your private, family, or corporate foundation can support DEF, contact Susan Lee DeRemer, VP of Development, at 310-623-4499 or [email protected].

Host A Fundraising Event

Each year, many individuals, businesses and organizations inquire about hosting fundraising events. They have come up with unique and innovative ways to help support the NKCF through the Discovery Eye Foundation (DEF). This allows groups of like-minded people to stage a fun event around their shared interests and provide funding. Your help is greatly appreciated—whether you donate proceeds from a private dinner party in your home with a researcher, a golf tournament, or any other event that benefits DEF.

For information on hosting an event, contact Susan Lee DeRemer at 310-623-4499 or [email protected]