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Scleral gas permeable (GP) lenses have created a terrific opportunity for you and your practitioner to better manage your vision. Scleral lenses avoid central contact by “vaulting” the cornea, thus ensuring little or no impact to this delicate structure. Larger than conventional corneal GPs, sclerals are more comfortable and tend not to pop out. Best of all, they have the potential to offer excellent visual acuity.

Zenlens®, from Alden Optical, is one of the newest scleral designs on the market and offers your practitioner the latest in scleral design features and options to fine tune the lens fit and vision.  Read more…

NovaKone: A custom soft lens for keratoconus

Custom soft lenses for keratoconus offer a new approach to keratoconus vision correction. Alden Optical’s new NovaKone™ lens offers a high level of comfort and excellent vision.

While NovaKone lenses can be a viable solution for all stages of keratoconus (KC) and pellucid marginal degeneration (PMD), they’re especially effective for patients with more advanced conditions and for those who have failed to tolerate other lenses.

NovaKone offers extraordinary comfort and can be an excellent adjunct to other forms of correction. Read more…

KeraSoft® IC

A comfortable, soft contact lens alternative

KeraSoft® IC is a soft contact lens specifically designed to fit irregular corneas – one you can wear comfortably. While GP lenses are often used for this condition, some patients may experience limited wear time, glare and discomfort after only a few hours. KeraSoft® IC is made of silicone hydrogel* for added comfort, and can be fully customized to fit the shape of keratoconic and post surgical corneas.

Bausch-Lomb-new-logoKeraSoft® IC is provided by Bausch & Lomb, a worldwide leader in vision care.

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